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You know everything about them. Holders of every records, known and venerated all over the world, the Beatles change the culture of the second half of the twentieth Century. Their melodies went through the time, beyond fashions and musical styles.

But especially for us, the Fab Four represented passion and emotions, linked to the great events of the last forty years, which chorus were used as backdrop. Come and live this period with us. From the Cavern in Liverpool to the roof of Abbey Road Studio, from "Love me do" to "The End', come on to discover the rock and roll of the first years, the crazy races of "Help", the psychedelic frenzy of "Sgt Peppers" until the wonderful "Abbey Road".

The Rapaces was formed in Nancy (north east of France) in 1962 by Guy and Jacques, and their earliest influences were Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry and Elvis. They were later joined by Alain and the band established quite a reputation, the highlight being the support act for Chuck Berry in 1966. Moreover, for various reasons, the band split in 1967 only to re-form 22 years later for a great reunion gig in Nancy, enjoying the experience so much, they decided to "go back to the road", but not before Valerie had joined them on Bass and Patrice on piano, which enabled the band to perform a wider repertoire.

Since 1999, they played in Liverpool to the yearly Beatle Week Festival (12 gigs to the famous cavern club, 4 gigs to the Adelphi hotel) They played in september 2006 with Divertimento philharmonic orchestra, during Nancy Beatle day. Also, they meet Sir Paul Mc Cartney for a private moment, enjoying this day in july 2008. The Rapaces invite you to a musical walk on the nostalgic raimbow celebrating the famous Beatles who in less then 10 years influenced the history of music for ever. Take Quickly your "Ticket to Ride" for the "Magical Mystery Tour".

Beatles passion and must of all a lot of good mood !